House Renovation ~ Update #5

There was an update on some painting I was going to post the other day….but I never finished the post and this one is a bit more exciting than more paint….

Nathan and I went to the house tonight to get the paperwork for the oven that was installed today.  I wasn’t able to be there because Nathan was working and I had to take Emory to the doctor (both boys have strep).  So my brother went out and signed for the work.  He left the papers and we wanted to make sure we didn’t lose anything.

The big excitement….they started the floors!






This is the existing floor.  We found out that it wasn’t laminate but actually engineered hardwood.  That means the top layer is real wood and can be stripped down and stained to match the floors we are installing.  The have stripped half the floor today.  So exciting!

BEFORE:  Boys’ bathroom (this is where we found all the termite damage)





Here you can see the worst of the damage above the old tub.  The wall going into the tub area with the light switch was also very badly damaged.







The master bath has also been repainted but the lighting in there tonight wasn’t good so the photos aren’t really worth showing.

2 weeks from today the carpet goes in and we will be starting our week of moving in.  2 weeks!  I am so excited!  :)

House Renovation ~ Update #4

How about some color?







The color in the dining room is dark gray.  It is the only room in the house with this dark of a color.  I love the drama of the dark.  The floors are also dark.  I think this room will be spectacular when it is finished.






This is the whole house color as well.










The pain in the kitchen / breakfast area is two shades darker than the whole house color and one shad lighter than the dining room color.  I am so in love with this area of the house.  The thing I liked least in my old house was the kitchen.  The room makes me smile every time I walk into it.  The only thing left to do in the kitchen will be a backsplash and new counter because those just weren’t in the budget this time around.  They aren’t terrible but you can tell they don’t quite go with all the new.  It is certainly livable but it is my next big project and I am hoping by next summer we can get that new counter and backsplash.








I think the living room has had a HUGE transformation.  This color is the “whole house” color.  It looks different than in other areas because of the paneling I think.  This wall with the built in is feeling off to me.  It is a huge expanse of gray.  But I don’t think that I am wishing I had painted the built in white.  I think that would have looked out of place.  I think once there are books in the shelves and photos on counter and things hanging on the walls it will be okay.  This builtin was nothing special so it wasn’t something to highlight.  Still…..I don’t know.  It could be that the floors aren’t finished and the ceiling isn’t painted yet.  Maybe that will help.




And this is the tile going down in the boys’ bathroom currently.  The walls will be the same color as the rest of the house.  The entire shower area is new because of the termites.  You cannot see it because of the plastic protecting it right now.  Behind the door in the left side of the photo will be a new built in cabinet.  The other one had to be totally ripped out to repair the extensive termite damage.  There will also be a new vanity.  I think the only thing that won’t be new in this area is the toilet!  :)

Today they are finishing the painting so soon I will be able to show the bedrooms.  Next Monday the new oven is installed.  Also next week are the floors.  The first week of December is for touchups and little things.  And then….MOVING TIME!


House Renovation ~ Update #3

I have been meaning to write another update but things have been busy.  But last night I got the best email from the contractor and knew it was time to sit down and finally write the update.

Lots of painting has been happening at the house.  And paint prep.  My contractor and his crews are AMAZING.  He told us that painting was the thing they specialized in and you can tell as you walk around the house.  Everything looks completely new!  Our home doesn’t look like it was built in 1978 anymore.  All the nicks and bumps and scratches in the wood from over the years are gone.  The paint is smooth and perfect and looks amazing.

We went to the house on Sunday to see it in the light of day.  Nathan and I went one night to turn the heaters on and looked around with a flashlight and were excited by the little we could make it.  Seeing it in the day made me giddy.  All the cabinets are painted and most of the trim was painted as well.  The boys bathroom had up the new hardy board around the tub.  Most of the wall patches are finished.

My update from the contractor last night says he feels like they are close to being finished.  This week is all about painting.  Next week is all about the floors.  THAT IS IT!  Two weeks to go!  :)  Of course, next week is Thanksgiving so I think work will spill over into that first week of December as well.  The carpet goes in on December 8th.  After that I think we can start moving in!  I CANNOT EXPRESS MY JOY!  Well….maybe I can with lots of capital letters and exclamation points!  :)
















They aren’t really the best photos.  My light is limited in the house right now.  But you can start to see the progress.  The contractor texted me early this morning to get my paint colors so I am guessing the wall color will start going up later today or tomorrow.  More photos and updates to come….quickly at this point because changes are happening constantly.  My only hinderance is that it is hard to get in and take photos while they are working and it gets dark so early now that it is hard to get photos until the weekends.


House Renovation ~ Update #2

We stopped by the house after therapy today.  It is raining and I wanted to check on the pool filter.  The pool is turning green….I need chlorine and time cleaning the pool in the next couple of days.

But that wasn’t the exciting part.  The exciting part is that we couldn’t get in the house….BECAUSE THEY ARE PAINTING!

You can smell the primer driving down the street.  We can see in because all the windows are covered in plastic.  I feel like they are priming the wood paneling in the living room and all the built-ins and cabinets and trim.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

I did freak out a bit because I haven’t given the contractor my trim color and wall colors yet.  So I frantically called him….thought I called the wrong number and called right back.  I was leaving a message when my phone beeped and it was the contractor….I guess he thought I was really needing to speak with him (note to self…try that again if he isn’t calling back and you really need an answer about something).  They are not painting…just priming and continuing to prep…which is totally painting if you ask me.  I am about to send him my color choices because he said that they will be ready to paint all the trim and cabinets by the weekend!


We went out this weekend to look over everything that was accomplished last week.  Most of it was prep work for the painting of the house.  The termite damage had all been repaired in the boys’ bathroom.  The electrical was all finished.  The entry floor was all chipped out.  We cleaned up the debris left behind (which we said we would do so we didn’t have to spend money on the rolloff he usually rents for house reno projects….we have a huge dumpster at work and had already done most of the demo anyway).

We also bought the tub and surround for the boys’ bathroom on Saturday and my parents took it out to the house Sunday morning while we were at church.  Everyone tried to convince me to go with tile for their bathroom….but I just have NO DESIRE to clean grout and tile in their bathroom over the next few years.  They are BOYS.  It seems like so much work.  I really just wanted to go with a fiberglass or whatever it is tub and surround.  They look nice.  They are easy to clean.  And if I really want to upgrade to tile I will do it AFTER they leave my house and I don’t have to spend time keeping it clean on a weekly basis.


They are also going to cut the hole for the oven a bit bigger.  Lowe’s was going to do it at the install of the new oven but really we need to do it now while they are prepping the cabinets for painting.  It is easier to do it now than to have to go back and repair later.


Oh I really want to go see what they have accomplished yesterday and today!  Maybe I can convince Nathan to go out to the house this evening after the boys are in bed.  The problem is that all the light fixtures are down so we probably couldn’t see much anyway….but if they have primed the living room I know it is going to look so much different and I just cannot wait to see the transformation!

Hello November

November is here.  I love November.  November means we have entered holiday season.  I means that the weather  changes and the time changes and the days shorten.

November means I start planning for Christmas.

November means Thanksgiving…my most favorite day.  Thanksgiving is overly commercial.  It isn’t about gifts or decorations.  Thanksgiving is about family and time spent chatting and eating and napping and watching some football.  Thanksgiving is cozy and calm.  Thanksgiving is a day to settle in and be grateful and I love it above all the other holidays or celebrations.

I have several posts coming….but tonight I just wanted to formally welcome November.

Note to Self

Just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean it is my business.

Good job for deleting the long comment….because nothing good would have come from it….even though I meant it as helpful and loving, it wouldn’t have been received that way.

Just one more reason why I am breaking my addiction to Facebook.  The world needs less opinions and more MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS.  Facebook is all about minding each other’s business.

On with the day.